Four phases 1,2

Phase 1: Foundation

Phase 1or the Main Phaseis the beginning of a transition to your “Maximum load power”. Considered as a transition phase between the large amount слабоинтенсивной the exercise of bodybuilding, which are probably used to, and severe exercise associated with weight lifting, that will take place during step successive phases of the “Maximum power”program.

The emphasis of this training, during this phase, during the tests. The goal is to, for the body is accustomed to the movement of large weights, which is used to move. Set of exercises includes the movements necessary to reach at least four different targets. Some exercises are necessary to enhance the typical “weak ligaments” in the body, such as ligaments of the lower part of the vertebral column: hamstrings, glutes and the lower back. This, of course, powerful muscles, which can be of vital importance for lifting heavy weights, but these muscles relatively слаборазвиты the majority of weight lifting. For the step debilitated the workouts are including exercises on one leg, because they are very important for the health of the lower limbs and to ensure the possibility of a large displacement, functional weights, which is carried out in real life.


Other movements are needed only to load the larger muscles and stimulate their growth. There are also accelerated exercises which serve mainly for the development of an effective technique. The passage of the program “the Highest strength to weight lifting requires the ability to generate a large force as quickly as possible (it is called the explosive force or the speed of the transfer of power). Most of the weightlifters used to a slow lifting weights; then a certain amount of physical exercise to accelerate lift small weights included in the Program for the development of this missing capability for a rapid and effective weight lifting for this ability, lifting weights was when in the future they will have to raise a really great severity. Finally, the basic exercises in the period of the passage of this phase are primarily the main constant series of exercises, which will form the basis for more advanced types of exercises during step successive stages.

Phase 2: Strengthening

Phase 2 is called the Phase of Strengthening, because it is complex set of exercises and a higher level of intensity of their execution, is based on exercises related to Phase 1. The load increases, and the duration of execution of a program of exercises reduced, but not to the extent where they will be during the step 3 and Step 4. If Phase 1 was a transitional phase between the standard exercises of bodybuilding and a maximum current of weights, workouts, then Phase 2 is a transitional phase between the fundamental strength training, and advanced operating power.

During the passage of training in the period of this phase, emphasis is placed on the “global training”, which implies the activation of short (десятисекундных) rest periods in the scope of the direct execution of a program of exercises, therefore, which allows you to lift more weight than you can lift in the scope of the direct execution of a program of exercises, not by reducing the amount of exercise — or spend more time in the gym. For example, while in the direct execution of a program of exercises, you can lift 8 RM weight two times, and then rest, when to switch exercises integrated is able to increase the great gravity, 5 RM weight two times, then rest for 10 seconds, and then complete, repeat the three exercises with десятисекундными rest breaks between them. In other words, when you pass complex exercises will raise the severity of the 5 RM of weight eight times for a bit of a longer span of time that we wanted to have when you pick up 8 RM weight 8 times during the direct execution of a program of exercises. The short vacation periods during the execution of exercises provide just enough time to recover.

Complete the exercise requires a sufficient tension forces, but which, however, can not be passed to those that only recently began to do on the Program, the maximum operating power. This leads to the fact that the muscles are highly exposed to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) and mechanical stress two important growth stimuli, and muscle strengthening. Then, what do you get when you pass this Program will help to prepare the muscles to withstand the most extreme mechanical stress caused by one-off to run a program of exercises, more than 90% of 1 RM during the transition to Phase 4.

The number of exercises performed in the period of this phase, more than in the period of Phase 1. Four weeks of exercises, performed in the period of Phase 1, will increase neuromuscular efficiency, and more resistant to stress you get older, the more he is forced to alternating exercises, this led to the achievement of further success. The emphasis is still done to speed up the execution of exercises, lifting weights, we have abandoned their habits bodybuilding associated with “slow-pressed by you” perform each set of exercises. The lower part of the body are mostly performed the exercises of the leg. The major training exercises are a bit more advanced than those that are carried out within the period of Phase 1.

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